Recommendations or References

The Ministry of Water and Environment Website(
Mr. Ronald Byaruhanga
Head of Information and Communication Technology
Tel: +256 392 967220

Mr. Mechta Mogens
Chief Sector Advisor, Environment
Ministry of Water and Environment
Tel: +256 775 494491

International Management Academy Website(
Francis Ssennoga (PhD)
Consultant Procurement, Management and Finance, Lecturer Kyambogo University
Tel: +256 772 495739

Hotloaf Bakery Website(
Mr. Andrew Nzeyi
Director, Hotloaf Bakery (U) Ltd
Tel: +256 774 727632

Dr. Med. Kurt Kristensen's Website(
Kurt Kristensen (PhD Med.)
Special Needs Education Consultant
Tel: +256 772 483043
Kirsten Kristensen
Psychologist and Education Consultant
Tel: +256 772 457804

Procurement, Uganda Website(
Prossy Kagolobya
Head of Web Development, Makerere University Business School,
Tel: +256 712 655177


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